2013/08/01 19:13/07:13 P.M. Pacific Daylight Saving Time

I now have a terms list up. I really should update this site more and tweet less. I'll try hard to really set my update schedule down.

2012/04/08 20:15/08:15 P.M. Pacific Daylight Saving Time

Did the updates organizing some time after my last update. I have con tips and Twitter tips up.

2012/03/03 16:58/04:58 P.M. Pacific Standard Time

Enjoying the new year so far? Didn't do much for this update. Some editing here and there. Next month, I will try real hard to dedicate one day to group the previous updates into one page.

2011/12/24 09:52/09:52 A.M. Pacific Standard Time

Merry Christmas everyone! There's a new image up. Ah, and the profile's been updated.

2011/11/06 00:26/00:26 P.M. Pacific Daylight Saving Time

Well, the updates' section is looking better. Also, though it isn't much at this point, I have the links section up.

2011/10/29 14:06/02:06 P.M. Pacific Daylight Saving Time

New questions are up. A week from today, I'll try to make the English side look better. I'm beat. However, for all of November, I'll strictly work on the English side because I want to give Japan that month to prepare for Comic Market. So, you'll see an update or two on this side next month.

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