Fanime Apology Letter - 2012

Dear Fanime attendees,

As a Fanime staff member, I apologize for all the delays, and adding on, I don't blame you if you feel that management did not do enough to make this con real exciting regarding anticipation. I'm glad that you all had fun, but I think that you all didn't have enough fun. To have Anime Expo announce its first guest before Fanime is unacceptable, and to not bring out an apology of some sort is unacceptable as well. There are many of you who say that the wait was not worth it. I feel like I have to step up and give out an apology.

Back on ďApril Fools DayĒ (April 1st), I heard a staff member say that we'll have information regarding guests soon. Hearing this sounds great in January, but in April, a month before the con, itís the complete opposite. A week passed by and I still did not see an update. (Yes, the most amount of time I give a person that says "Soon" regarding a big scenario is a week.) You would have expected this level of disorganization from a newer convention, but not from FanimeCon (turning 18 years as of this year). FanimeCon was the third biggest anime convention at the start of the 21st century in America; if not, outside of Japan.

You fans deserve better. I am on your side because I am a fan too. We're all fans here. I will agree that in cases, Fanime had an off year, but you have to remember that Fanime tries hard which means that Fanime had a good year also. I highly regret that in the program guide, there are no remembrances of Kawakami Tomoko-san (even though she passed away shortly after last year's Fanime) and Aono Takeshi-san (Aono Takesi-san).

As for the blackout, the most problematic issue of them all, yes, I apologize also. (I take it that "Again, thank you very much for your understanding and patience with last night's power outage!" is not enough for you, which is why I'm personally apologizing.) There should have been a backup plan regarding the registration scenario. (Yes, the blackout really did affect the registration scenario.) There really should be a back up generator also.

This is San Jose, my city. This is the Bay Area. As people of the Bay Area, we want the best. If it takes more time to prepare, especially if there's a need for backups, we must perform the preparations work sooner. I hate to do that, but guess what. C'est la vie.

If I become the chair of the con in the future (which will never happen seeing that I'm too ruthless and I'm too busy), preparation work for next year's con will start the day after Anime Expo or earlier than that. I will do whatever it takes to get the best guests, especially guests no other con outside of Japan has ever received like Neya Michiko-san (Neya Mitiko-san) and Mitsuyoshi Takenobu-san (Mituyosi Takenobu-san), the best, rare and up to date games, the best elements for Fanime. I want to get this con back to being one of the top 3 outside of Japan. If not, the best con outside of Japan. If I fail, at least I'll tell here on my site, on my Twitter account and on my Google Plus account that I'm sorry. I will type up that I'm sorry for not making FanimeCon the con you all want it to be, the best con outside of Japan. I will hold accountability.

I forgot to mention this. I had different fans telling me that the art gallery people if I remember correctly were being disorganized last year (2011). Even though I was not a staff member at the time, I apologize for that as well.

As I said already, you fans deserve better. The charms of people like Momoi Haruko-san (who couldn't make it this year because of a new event she's a part of in Japan), Yamaga Hiroyuki-kantoku and Mr. Gilles Poitras are nice, but they should not be the only items we staff members should fall back on. We also have to rely on you all. Without you, there is no Fanime. There is "fan" in Fanime and you fans are all important. Like I said, we staff members are fans too.

Please accept my apologies. This personal letter of mine will not make up for the mess in the preparation work, but it is a start. We always want to improve the con in so many ways. Go ahead and give me an e-mail if you want. I'll pay attention and I'll give you an e-mail back with some serious thought put into it. (I apologize if I don't respond right away.)

Thank you everyone.


Don "Seizya" Umali, Tabletop/Social Gaming

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