2010/02/08 (Sun.) 02:02/2:02 A.M. Pacific Standard Time

It's been a long time. There is now an English version. I still have a lot of work however.

Sorry. I'm off. I've very sleepy. I'll see you later.

2008/08/30 (Sat.) 20:33/8:33 P.M. Pacific Daylight Saving Time

I have big news. I will soon have an English language version. It's the American fans' request.

Do you remember Chika-san's old site. It had English and Japanese. Now, it's my turn. This site will be the new Hesperia.

I'll see you later everyone.

2008/06/19 (Th.) 08:56/8:56 A.M. Pacific Daylight Saving Time

I understand! I'm slow! Don't kill me!

Yes, I still have work. A promise however is a promise. Thus, playtime's over! You'll see a new me!

I'll throw out the garbage diary entries. There are new links. Yeah, this is now my time!

2008/04/16 (Wed.) 07:19/7:19 A.M. Pacific Daylight Saving Time

I'm sorry! I'm so clumsy now! I didn't update last week. I need sleep. Forgive me.

There's that promise from earlier. (It's the photograph gallery.) Kurogane-san wants my new e-mail. I'm so slow after all.

I'll update later! It's really a promise! Eh heh heh.

2008/03/30 (Sun.) 07:45/7:45 A.M. Pacific Daylight Saving Time

Wa! Today is Hayasibara Megumi-san's birthday. Kawasumi Ayako-san too. It'll be Sakamoto Maaya-san's birthday in 15 minutes.

I'm so slow after all. 9 days ago, "Arcana Heart II" came out. Ah, I want to go to Arcade Mugendai! However, that's the Los Angeles area.

Sorry. Still really sleepy. I'll update later.

2007/11/14 (Tu.) 14:23/2:23 P.M. Pacific Daylight Saving Time

Hello. I'm Seizya. I'm pleased to meet you.

This is an American site, but there is no English. Strange, huh? My English sites were worthless. Thus, I now have a Japanese-language site. I'm still studying Japanese. Eh heh heh.

I'm off. Please bookmark this site. I'll see you later.


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